About You

Congratulations! Years of hard work and countless sacrifices have paid off – you are now in a position to earn a substantial living as a professional athlete. With MLB, NFL, and NBA average salaries ranging between two and five million annually, you are now capable of fulfilling many of your childhood dreams, such as driving your dream car, traveling the world, and purchasing a new home. While these are certainly admirable feats, the opportunity you will be afforded to change lives and create generational wealth is a choice that begins on day one.

It’s About You…

Many professional athletes and entertainers suffer financial ruin and are often in worse condition at the end of their career than when they started. In some sports for example, as high as 75% of pro athletes file for bankruptcy or face serious financial hardships within two years of retiring. Despite these unfavorable statistics, please be assured that you are NOT resigned to this fate.

But it’s about more than just you!

At KM Capital Management, we deeply appreciate and respect your passions and life goals. That said, we also understand that you did not reach this level of success alone. Our goal is to help you responsibly realize all of your financial aspirations. Moreover, we will provide the vision and knowledge to do the things that really matter, such as buying a new home for your family, providing your children with the best education possible, and leaving a legacy that your heirs and community can be proud of. Let us at KM Capital put together a customized financial “life plan” that will help you strike a healthy balance between enjoying the fruits of your labor and giving yourself and your family the financial freedom that you have long desired and fought for.

We will Protect You

Choose to think beyond today.
Remember, it’s not what you make – it’s what you KEEP, that matters.

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