Other Services

Concierge Services

Beyond the full service financial scope of your life, we would like to assist you with the other nuances of your life, including securing loans for your home and automobiles, and helping you negotiate the cost of various high-end purchases. A few things we will help negotiate include:

  • Home purchases
  • Automobile purchases
  • High-end jewelry purchases
  • Insurance plans

We will even assist you in locating/relocating your residence.

Pre-draft Lending

At KM Capital, we understand your future value and potential short term capital needs leading up the draft. As a result, we work with various trusted third-party lenders to provide readily available pre-draft loans to aspiring professional athletes, regardless of their credit history or financial status.

Credit Establishment and Repair Service

A good credit score is important for many reasons, including applying for loans on large asset purchases like homes and automobiles. Many athletes go pro with poor credit or no credit history at all. As part of KM's pre-draft process, our team takes quick and practical steps to repair and build our clients' credit score over time.

Transactional Legal Services

Our internal legal counsel will provide complimentary advice, legal review, and technical support to execute agreements, incorporate businesses, and evaluate business opportunities. Transactional legal services include:

  • Legal review of all investment opportunities
  • Establishing a legal entity for tax savings
  • First line review of legal documents addressed to immediate client

Analytical Assistance During Contract Negotiations

Our team has developed and maintains working relationships with many of the top sports agents and agencies across the country. As part of our service, we often assist our players’ agents with optimally structuring specific compensation terms in their contracts so as to utilize any potential state tax efficiencies that may be available. This often results in a substantial savings in state taxes for our players.


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